The surgeons and staff at Valley Eye Associates are dedicated to providing the best care for patients electing to undergo vision correction surgery.  This means having patients who are knowledgeable about the procedure they will have, patients who are pleased with their results, and referring doctors who play an active role in pre-operative counselling and post-operative care of their patients.  Through a team approach, which emphasizes mutual trust, respect, and appreciation for the best technology, our care and outcomes are the best available, meeting and often exceeding patients’ goals and expectations.

Our intention for this O.D. website is to provide you with up-to-date information that will assist you and your staff in the management of refractive surgery patients.  A website such as this cannot possibly cover every situation, so we encourage your phone call, fax, email or text message with specific questions, any time.

Once again, Valley Eye Associates is appreciative and honored to have the confidence of your referrals and look forward to building and maintaining relationships with previous, current and future patients to provide the highest quality of care.  Thanks for your trust and confidence in Valley Eye Associates.